The ultimate top 10 Jungle tracks

The ultimate top 10 Jungle tracks

Jungle music, one of the UKs biggest exports, origins lie in the early 90s rave scene and is
one of the most innovative dance music genres. We take a look at the 10 best Jungle
music tracks that bring the fire to the Jungle raves!

Prizna Feat Demolition Man “Fire” (Urban Shakedown Mix)

Following his return from making a big name for himself in Jamaica, East London born
Demolition Man drops a huge Ragga influenced lyric on this Jungle anthem, the Urban
Shakedown mix always brings the heat to the dancefloor!


UK Apachi with Shy FX “Original Nuttah”

Arguably the original Jungle classic! You know when you hear the haunting horns come in
that its going to go off! Full of energy, ferocious drums, heavy bassline and UK Apachi’s
unmistakable chanting!


M Beat feat General Levy “Incredible”

Another contender for the top spot and every Jungle ravers favourite singalong track M
Beat feat General Levy’s “Incredible”. Junglist Massive!


Origin Unknown “Valley of the Shadows”

The track that propelled Andy C into the limelight and one of the biggest selling tracks on
Ram Records this anthem from 1993 samples Neil Armstrong and full of futuristic vibes took
the genre in a new direction!


Urban Shakedown ft. Debo “Arsonist”

Amazing Jungle bassline from Aphrodite & Micky Finn! Heavily influenced by Reggae you
can hear the combination of the drums, bass, vocals, samples and FX making this a huge
dancefloor hit!

Sound of the Future “The Lighter”

Leading the way for the Midlands Junglist Massive was DJ SS with this rave anthem fusing
a calming piano melody with energetic bassline and breakbeats!

Leviticus “The Burial”

Big, Bad and Heavy! A seminal Jungle track featuring Jumpin Jack Frost, Optical and

Renegade “Terrorist”

1994 Ray Keith Jungle anthem full of squelchy acid synths, chest rumbling bassline, amen
beats and that infamous piano riff!

Congo Natty / Tribe Of Issachar Feat. Peter Bouncer “Junglist”

The mixture of Peter Bouncer spine-tingling vocals, Hip Hop samples, big basslines, heavy
breakbeats make this an iconic Congo Natty rave jungle track!

Metalheads “Terminator”

Arguable one of the forefathers of Jungle, Goldie, combines rave stabs, breakbeats and
samples from the Terminator film to create this 1992 old school Jungle classic!