Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

Situated only a stone’s throw away from London Bridge and the centre of the capital in Southwark, Great Suffolk Street Warehouse is another classic club setting found within the hidden depths of the city. Consisting of a large outdoor courtyard, similar to that of DC10 in Ibiza, this huge space features six distinct arches and amazing sound acoustics to create a mind blowing atmosphere.

London is filled with places like this and the club is making the most of a unique location. Great Suffolk Street Warehouse  brings to mind the old school approach to raving and adds a fresh energy to the scene that many thought had been missing in action for quite some time.

Its location near to London Bridge and Waterloo means it is not a warehouse solely for London rave fanatics. For those who do live in London, being nearby to Southwark tube station offers easy accessibility, which is a rarity nowadays. People come from far and wide to rave it out here and it has built a reputation for bringing together some of the best artists on the scene, both established and up-and-coming. Notorious raves at the venue include Ram Records, House of Silk, Moondance, Found, Audiowhore, Eastern Electrics, Drumcode, Backto95, Cocoon, Breakin Science, Innovation, Magna Carta, Defected and Shogun Audio.

Great Suffolk Street Warehouse is pretty much the daddy of the warehouse raves held in London. Seven years after first opening in 2010, it has become a spot ravers return to time and again. With plenty of makeshift bars dotted around the place, it isn’t hard to get hold of that next drink. The main piece of advice we’d give you is not to rock white trainers because they won’t be the only thing looking dusty by the time you make it out.

The idea behind the warehouse couldn’t be any simpler. The stripped down interior doesn’t always look the most appealing when you are still in reality, making your way in. Once the music grabs you by the throat, then none of that matters anymore. The expansion of raves and festivals over the years into huge spectacles has added an exciting new element to the scene that never used to be there back in the day. Great Suffolk Street Warehouse takes a step back from all the trimmings and extras, putting you right back at the heart of what matters the most; the music. If you go in expecting an plush surroundings and extravagant production, then you’ll only be disappointed. But prepare yourself for a throwback night getting lost in the tunes for hours and this is the one for you.